Valentine’s Special


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Special Pricing on Relationship Reports – Sale ends Valentine’s Day

$7.95  – Find the position of Juno in the Heavens when you were born! – Juno has been known as the primary  goddess of relationships.  The sign in your chart in which Juno was placed when you were born represents that aspect of your nature which feels the urge to unite with another person to build a future together in a committed relationship. She brings the wisdom that conscious relationship is a path to spiritual enlightenment, and the relationships allow us to perfect and complete ourselves. In todays world, Juno is also a symbol for the plight of battered and powerless wives and minorities; for the psychological complexes of love-addiction and codependency, and the redefinition of traditional relationships in the face of feminism and of gay and lesbian coupling. The sign that Juno occupied when you were born describes what you will seek in a long term relationship such as marriage, or, by extension, in a business partnership or enduring friendship. It can give you clues about your most likely relationship problems, and can suggest ways to make your style of relating work more harmoniously for you. This is approximately a three to four page report, and will give you information about your own Juno and its aspects within your own astrological chart.

 $19.95   – Relationship Chart – Price will be $29.95 after Valentines Day! –   Combine two charts for comparison. Any two charts can be combined, comparing the two charts in terms of relationships. This report includes Juno’s position for the two individuals, and includes a comprehensive analysis of aspects between Juno and the other traditionally considered planets in the two charts. It is approximately a fifty page report!

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