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Rediscovering and Reconnecting with Natural Wisdom

The original purpose of this site remains the same, and yet continues to be defined. Subtitle today is “Supporting the natural wisdom………. that is inherent as Life energy, in all people, plants, animals and the planet. Connecting with the Life energy, through using intention in the tapping work, healing occurs. In my meditations now, I am seeing this as a “seed” image that is body centered in the client with whom I am working. I am  discovering that this is definitely not something new that I am discovering, however, and has been explained in different ways, in the various healing methodologies that that developed through the ages in all climes and cultures. It is the ancient wisdom of the Feminine and connectedness, and reconnects us to our healing source, no matter the method.

Trusting the Universe………The Answers are Within

A New Way of Viewing Change……The Healing Energy in Connection.

Sharing an article from The Conscious Perspective………… 

A number of synchronicities lately have encouraged me to TRUST THE PROCESS!  Putting my trust in the wisdom that lies inside of myself, I was led through amazing synchronicity to attend a trance channeling class…… something that was, I thought, totally new for me……….

Allowing process and uncomfortable feelings to surface in a supportive environment, I found connection again, and healing. There is a healing energy in connecting with the Spirit that lives within us and connects us all!



Each day that passes provides us with the opportunity to witness change occurring. From the sun rising and setting to watching children grow before our eyes – change truly is the only guarantee in this life. So why are we so resistant to it? Why do so many of us feel like change is punishment? When we unexpectedly lose a job, face a breakdown in a relationship, or even experience an unplanned move, our whole world can feel as if it is in completely shaken.

Those changes certainly don’t feel good at all. But change is complex – it has many layers. It forces us to grow, and growth is often painful. It can give us that push into pain and discomfort that we so often avoid. And although it may not feel positive, the role of change is ultimately to move us toward personal evolution. To take us to our next chapter in life – a chapter that we can truly write ourselves. When you are in the midst of a big change in your life, keep these 10 quotes with you – they will help to remind you that change does not have to be a negative experience.

heidi oranHeidi Oran is the founder of The Conscious Perspective, a blog providing education and awareness about Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Humanitarian issues. You can visit The Conscious Perspective here, and connect with Heidi via Facebook, or Twitter

Saturn and Freedom

“Freedom of will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do.” – C.G. Jung

The problem of fate and free will has been debated from every conceivable angle, without definitive answer. Fate may be “what I am destined to do”, while free will is thought of more as that which we choose to do. As with other questions of this kind, the answer may lie in a paradox. When we resort to “either/or” rather than “and”, we lose the subtle answer that these two apparent opposites, choice and destiny, are in fact the same thing.

There are those who choose to believe that everything in life is random and subject purely to chance. This alleviates the burden of any personal responsibility, and is a sure guarantee that , in the end, the person will have no power of choice.

Some believe in “fate”, or “karma”. This belief also does not really allow for personal responsibility. These people often seek astrological counseling.

Some believe that one’s will is the final authority. This too, can be quite disappointing when we are reminded that some things can not be altered by even the most powerful will. Things happen which are beyond anyone’s control. They may be reflected in the patterns of the birth chart, but only as reflection, not as determinant.

When we consider the birth chart as potential, which will be expressed individually, we might begin to consider that fate and destiny are tightly interlinked.  A person will make their choices according to their own needs, desires, fears and abilities. So in this way, a person “fates” themselves, reflecting the patterns of the birth chart. The birth chart reflects only a set of potentials. The problem may be that much of this is unconscious.

Saturn, of all the planets, may have the reputation as the most “fated” of the planets. Western astrology, however, allows that although human nature is “what it is”, and man will do “what he will do”, there is also the aspect of the Divine within , allowing through voluntary choice, a potential for growth in consciousness. In this, we are also potentially, the creators of our own reality.

To discuss one’s “reality”, we must realize that we are not talking about an objective reality, but instead, one’s individual perception of reality Quantum physics reminds us that reality, altered even by one examining an object, is in the eye of the beholder.

(to be continued)

Holding the Tension of the Opposites

Noticing again the dualities, and that as we can hold within us the tension of both, we move forward in consciousness. Thoughts?


Holding the Tension of the Opposites

Embracing the Light and Dark Sides of Divine Consciousness

Life’s great challenge, Marion Woodman says on Holding the Tension of the Opposites, is in developing an integration between the spirit and the body. From this integration there arises a divine “tension,” allowing for a new consciousness to unfold.

Why is this integration so difficult? On Holding the Tension of the Opposites, Woodman shows how the Western religious traditions have split spirit from matter at the expense of what Jung described as our “shadow” side. How this shadow side is historically connected to goddess worship (the Latin word for “mother” is mater, the root word for “matter”) is just one of the insights that Woodman offers on this unique, live presentation.

“Night is as precious as day,” she says. By uniting both sides of the unconscious, we attune to those around us, and to the energy within the earth itself.

Topics include:

  • A fresh examination of the Garden of Eden myth
  • Why addicts yearn to transcend this earth
  • The crucifix as a symbol for holding the tension between light and dark
  • The dream archetype of the wolf
  • The Black Madonna as the manifestation of God in Matter

Valentine’s Special


Valentine’s SpecialPicture_Of_A_Valentine_Heart_Created_With_Red_Rose_Petals_In_A_Vector_Clip_Art_Illustration_120206-220848-228001

Special Pricing on Relationship Reports – Sale ends Valentine’s Day

$7.95  – Find the position of Juno in the Heavens when you were born! – Juno has been known as the primary  goddess of relationships.  The sign in your chart in which Juno was placed when you were born represents that aspect of your nature which feels the urge to unite with another person to build a future together in a committed relationship. She brings the wisdom that conscious relationship is a path to spiritual enlightenment, and the relationships allow us to perfect and complete ourselves. In todays world, Juno is also a symbol for the plight of battered and powerless wives and minorities; for the psychological complexes of love-addiction and codependency, and the redefinition of traditional relationships in the face of feminism and of gay and lesbian coupling. The sign that Juno occupied when you were born describes what you will seek in a long term relationship such as marriage, or, by extension, in a business partnership or enduring friendship. It can give you clues about your most likely relationship problems, and can suggest ways to make your style of relating work more harmoniously for you. This is approximately a three to four page report, and will give you information about your own Juno and its aspects within your own astrological chart.

 $19.95   – Relationship Chart – Price will be $29.95 after Valentines Day! –   Combine two charts for comparison. Any two charts can be combined, comparing the two charts in terms of relationships. This report includes Juno’s position for the two individuals, and includes a comprehensive analysis of aspects between Juno and the other traditionally considered planets in the two charts. It is approximately a fifty page report!

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Return to the Body, Return to our Selves

When the idea for this blog came to me, it was an “embodied” idea. In other words, as the thoughts were coming, I remembered again that feeling of connection anchoring me, both to the earth and to the skies.

 This awareness has come previously, and is/ was experienced as being connected to a six pointed star that is “before” me. The awareness connects primarily through a point in my abdomen, below my navel.  I am connected to this star through a Light that comes from upper right, and enters my body through this point. It is a point that is common to the lower triangle, which I sense to be more connected to the earth, and the upper triangle, which points toward the heavens. In history, this is sometimes known as a Merkabah.

In my research, I find I am certainly not the first to sense this connection.

I find myself wondering again, however, and it seems to me to be Truth. As we remember who we are, we do remember that we came from the stars, and we live in a physical body that is connected, through our consciousness, and our awareness, to that Source from which we came.