Trusting the Universe………The Answers are Within

A New Way of Viewing Change……The Healing Energy in Connection.

Sharing an article from The Conscious Perspective………… 

A number of synchronicities lately have encouraged me to TRUST THE PROCESS!  Putting my trust in the wisdom that lies inside of myself, I was led through amazing synchronicity to attend a trance channeling class…… something that was, I thought, totally new for me……….

Allowing process and uncomfortable feelings to surface in a supportive environment, I found connection again, and healing. There is a healing energy in connecting with the Spirit that lives within us and connects us all!



Each day that passes provides us with the opportunity to witness change occurring. From the sun rising and setting to watching children grow before our eyes – change truly is the only guarantee in this life. So why are we so resistant to it? Why do so many of us feel like change is punishment? When we unexpectedly lose a job, face a breakdown in a relationship, or even experience an unplanned move, our whole world can feel as if it is in completely shaken.

Those changes certainly don’t feel good at all. But change is complex – it has many layers. It forces us to grow, and growth is often painful. It can give us that push into pain and discomfort that we so often avoid. And although it may not feel positive, the role of change is ultimately to move us toward personal evolution. To take us to our next chapter in life – a chapter that we can truly write ourselves. When you are in the midst of a big change in your life, keep these 10 quotes with you – they will help to remind you that change does not have to be a negative experience.

heidi oranHeidi Oran is the founder of The Conscious Perspective, a blog providing education and awareness about Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Humanitarian issues. You can visit The Conscious Perspective here, and connect with Heidi via Facebook, or Twitter


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