Saturn and Freedom

“Freedom of will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do.” – C.G. Jung

The problem of fate and free will has been debated from every conceivable angle, without definitive answer. Fate may be “what I am destined to do”, while free will is thought of more as that which we choose to do. As with other questions of this kind, the answer may lie in a paradox. When we resort to “either/or” rather than “and”, we lose the subtle answer that these two apparent opposites, choice and destiny, are in fact the same thing.

There are those who choose to believe that everything in life is random and subject purely to chance. This alleviates the burden of any personal responsibility, and is a sure guarantee that , in the end, the person will have no power of choice.

Some believe in “fate”, or “karma”. This belief also does not really allow for personal responsibility. These people often seek astrological counseling.

Some believe that one’s will is the final authority. This too, can be quite disappointing when we are reminded that some things can not be altered by even the most powerful will. Things happen which are beyond anyone’s control. They may be reflected in the patterns of the birth chart, but only as reflection, not as determinant.

When we consider the birth chart as potential, which will be expressed individually, we might begin to consider that fate and destiny are tightly interlinked.  A person will make their choices according to their own needs, desires, fears and abilities. So in this way, a person “fates” themselves, reflecting the patterns of the birth chart. The birth chart reflects only a set of potentials. The problem may be that much of this is unconscious.

Saturn, of all the planets, may have the reputation as the most “fated” of the planets. Western astrology, however, allows that although human nature is “what it is”, and man will do “what he will do”, there is also the aspect of the Divine within , allowing through voluntary choice, a potential for growth in consciousness. In this, we are also potentially, the creators of our own reality.

To discuss one’s “reality”, we must realize that we are not talking about an objective reality, but instead, one’s individual perception of reality Quantum physics reminds us that reality, altered even by one examining an object, is in the eye of the beholder.

(to be continued)


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