Return to the Body, Return to our Selves

When the idea for this blog came to me, it was an “embodied” idea. In other words, as the thoughts were coming, I remembered again that feeling of connection anchoring me, both to the earth and to the skies.

 This awareness has come previously, and is/ was experienced as being connected to a six pointed star that is “before” me. The awareness connects primarily through a point in my abdomen, below my navel.  I am connected to this star through a Light that comes from upper right, and enters my body through this point. It is a point that is common to the lower triangle, which I sense to be more connected to the earth, and the upper triangle, which points toward the heavens. In history, this is sometimes known as a Merkabah.

In my research, I find I am certainly not the first to sense this connection.

I find myself wondering again, however, and it seems to me to be Truth. As we remember who we are, we do remember that we came from the stars, and we live in a physical body that is connected, through our consciousness, and our awareness, to that Source from which we came.



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