Welcome to Aquarian Planets!

Hi, I’m Rita Jungman, your astrological coach into the Aquarian age!

Here’s the biggest piece of it. I believe in you! I believe in you, as an individual, and I believe in your potential to be so much more! I believe that we are entering, day by day, moment by moment, decision by decision, what has been called the Aquarian age. You might know a bit about that or you wouldn’t be reading this page, right?

At seventy-one years of age, I have been a mother, a wife, an astrologer, a psychiatric nurse practitioner (Don’t let that scare you…Check out my alternate wordpress page at ritajungman.wordpress.com), an astrologer now for better than fifty years, an educator, a counselor to many and spiritual advisor. I have studied and practiced medicine, nutrition, psychology, kundaIini yoga, and music among other things.

I believe that our astrological chart does represent us and I believe that we are sacred beings, who have forgotten our potential for manifestation. We have this because we were created in the image of God, the supreme Creator, which will probably always be a mystery to some extent. We are the Co-creators, and when we align our intention with the loving goodness of our Creator, we are supported.

The Feminine Wisdom teachings supported a more peaceful time in our history. Astrology has been supported though a longer period of time, than it has not been supported. For thousands of years, people recognized that they were only a part of a much larger universe, that included probably not only all living things, but non living things. Quantum physics is now reminding us that as physical bodies, we are also energetic beings.

And so, as I look at your chart, I see potential. The planets are archetypes, representative of energies within yourself. As I work with your chart, I get intuitive impressions. As I work with you, I get further impressions. I work not only with the traditional planets, but very much enjoy adding in the asteroids Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres. These were discovered and named after goddesses as the feminine consciousness began to return in the early 1800’s, and can be very helpful in understanding ourselves as women, but also as men who are born and live with women as wives, lovers, mothers and children.

The Water Bearer is the symbol for Aquarius which is co-ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn.  All signs have both masculine and feminine rulers, and Aquarius is no exception. As we move into the Aquarian age, it is helpful to remember the influence of both to understand ourselves and our role in this transition.cropped-aquarius-water-bearercrop1.jpg

 Uranus represents more of the need for individuality and self expression. In esoteric astrology, it also rules as the higher octave of the sun, or consciousness itself.

Saturn is well known as the planet reminding us of our responsibilities. It is also more traditionally associated with tradition, security and structure.



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